The Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) Specialist and Masters courses are designed to assess technicians on an individual basis. The goal is to demonstrate technical competency and professionalism.

NOTE: ATRA Certification tests are exclusively available to members of ATRA only.

Our objectives are:

  • To train technicians in the art of Diagnosis, Removal and Repair of the vehicle and to determine the cause of the customer's concern.
  • To raise the level of competency through training.
  • To award recognition
  • To demonstrate a high level of standards to the motoring public.

Certification Courses

Certification Products

Certification Courses

Master Certified Technician
The Master's certification courses are awarded to those technicians that have passed all of the pre-requisite Specialist certifications. These advanced level courses are design to demonstrate the skill sets, technical competency and advanced level of technical knowledge. These tests require an 85% or better to pass.
Specialist Certifications
The Specialist certifications are Chassis Technician, Rebuilder, and Diagnostician. Each one of the certifications has multiple courses with tests that need to be passed with an 85% or better.
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